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10 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas


Creative holiday gift wrap is a great way to add a personal touch and show the recipient that you care. Here are ten fun and unique wrapping ideas to give you some inspiration!

Brown Paper & Pom Pom Gift Wrapping Ideas

Brown Paper & Pom Pom Gift Wrapping Ideas

“Brown paper packages tied up with string…” Do you know and love that song too? Check out these simple gift wrapping ideas using brown paper, hot glue, baker’s twine, and DIY pom-poms!

Furoshiki gift wrap tutorial

These beautiful gift wrap ideas are inexpensive and easy to recreate!

For a simple, reusable gift wrapping idea, use a square piece of fabric that’s finished on all sides, like a scarf or a napkin.  Wrap the top and bottom of the fabric triangles around your gift, and then pull up the other sides and tie them in the middle. You can embellish with a eucalyptus stem. This is an elegant and simple wrapping technique that is sure to please.

Wrapping Paper Roll Pillow Box

These beautiful gift wrap ideas are inexpensive and easy to recreate!

Don’t throw your cardboard wrapping paper rolls away! They make great pillow boxes for small gifts like jewelry and stocking stuffers, and also serve as a blank canvas that you can get creative with. Cut and taped shut properly, and embellished with scraps of wrapping paper and string, these pillow boxes are a simple solution to awkwardly-shaped small gifts that will definitely make your recipient smile!

Brown Paper Package with a Gorgeous Twist

These beautiful gift wrap ideas are inexpensive and easy to recreate!

I love using kraft paper or white butcher paper to wrap gifts because it’s easy to recycle. Instead of wrapping your gift the classic way, try this beautiful pleated method that looks gorgeous with some holiday greenery!

DIY Vintage Map Christmas Gift Wrap and Gift Bags

Wrap Christmas presents in vintage maps that you find or print, and accent them with green, teal and gold ribbon

Vintage maps are beautiful pieces of art, and make unique, sophisticated Christmas gift-wrapping. You can often find vintage maps and atlases at antique shops, garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores. You can also find reproduction vintage maps online to purchase, as old maps themselves seem better suited to framing for display! I love how the maps paired so beautifully with ribbons in tones of teal, green and gold.

How to wrap a gift with a blanket scarf

Christmas gift wrapping idea: wrap a gift in a blanket scarf!

A very unique gift wrapping idea is to wrap a gift box with a blanket scarf. This way, you’re not only giving a beautifully wrapped present, but you’re also giving a lovely scarf for the season!

Shabby Chic Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas 

Shabby Chic Christmas Present Wrapping Ideas - Vintage inspired, pink, kraft, white linen, sparkly DIY gifts

To make this idea come to life, I dug up some of my most favourite textiles that I thought were shabby chic in feel: white linen fabric, kraft paper, sparkly jingle bells, sparkly faux branches, glittery yarn, fabric roses, sheets of music, lace, and – of course – ribbon. I love the result!

DIY Wrapping Paper Bag

DIY Wrapping Paper Gift Bag

Do you have some oddly shaped gifts that need to be wrapped? Or are you planning to send your neighbors some cookies and need a cute way to package them? This simple DIY gift bag is really easy to make, and you can use thick tissue paper or your favourite wrapping paper as a personal touch!

How to Wrap Your Christmas Baking

Creative ways to wrap Christmas baking - love these fun packaging ideas!

I think homemade cookies and breads are such easy and heartfelt gifts for neighbors and friends, don’t you? I want to share with you a few fun ways to package your Christmas baking gifts this year that will make your homemade baking look even more festive and cheerful.

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Idea – Beeswax Wraps! 

How to make a DIY beeswax wrap extra sticky

For a non-traditional gift-wrapping material, try this!  Beeswax wrap is a reusable alternative to plastic wrap. You can use it to cover bowls, or to wrap up cheese, sandwiches, fruit pieces, and more. Using it to wrap a present would mean a thoughtful extra gift for that eco-friendly person in your life!

My favorite wired bow method

These beautiful gift wrap ideas are inexpensive and easy to recreate!

As an extra bonus, I’m including a step by step tutorial for my ultimate favourite fluffy wired bow method! Add this beautiful ribbon bow to any of the above wrapping ideas to add an extra touch of flair and festivity.

Fun accents and gift topper ideas that you can incorporate in your creative holiday gift wrapping:

  • washi tape
  • stamps, stickers and stencils to personalize your gift wrap
  • christmas ornaments
  • kids’ fidget toys
  • candy & chocolate
  • textiles & fabric scraps
  • Faux florals and greenery

I hope I’ve shown you that there are many alternatives to traditional wrapping paper that result in thoughtful, creative gifts that will be much appreciated by your friends and family on the receiving end.  As a little extra holiday bonus, I’m giving you some free printable downloads! Please enjoy these beautiful Nordic-inspired gift tags, and this adorable Merry Christmas printed wrapping paper that you are free to use and enjoy.  Happy decorating!

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